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Using social tools to manage your conference

October 15, 2011

In the past weeks I addressed number of social media strategies that could help to improve the 34th IGC congress. In this post, I will illustrate how social tools can help with conference management in general. Social tools are great inventions and nowadays they have been used to manage conferences. Social media can play a powerful role in the planning, promotion and execution of the event.

There are three ways to incorporate social media into your marketing activities:

Pre-event: creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account with a hashtag for the event is a remarkable idea to get the word out about it. This also offers your attendees great spaces to interact and get to know each other before the event. In addition, a blog can be very useful to post event updates like the speaker line-up, special details, and discounts, and blast these out regularly to attract attendees, sponsors, speakers, and media. This could encourage attendees to share information and collaboration.

During the event: a large screen where a Twitter stream of the event hashtag can be viewed in real time and attendees can see their tweets. Also they can see who’s at the event and activities happening throughout the venue. Thus, the attendees will be connecting and engaging with each other. Also if there are speakers, attendees and non-attendees can post questions through different social media channels such as Facebook page or Twitter.

Post-event: create a post in the blog highlighting key points of the event as wrap-up. Also using Flickr or Facebook to post pictures and Youtube for videos of the event is a really good interactive recap. Encourage attendees to use the event’s social media channels to post their feedback, favourite moments and key takeaways from the event.  In addition, connecting attendees with each other on LinkedIn can be great way to share knowledge and benefits in the future.


These three ways are great to help attendees connect with each other, broaden participation, encourage attendees to share information and provide recreation. Finally, social media has revolutionized events. If done right, your conference or event can become a global experience.

Hopefully this post can help INB students gain more knowledge and idea for the 34th IGC congress.




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