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Strategy to utilize Social Networking sites to promote the 34th IGC event

October 12, 2011

In this post, I will talk about utilizing the social networking sites properly for this event, we must need to devise a well worked-out strategy. I believe that an aggressive marketing strategy near the event organization time will be more effective to achieve the goals.

But for this we must have to work on our objectives and the complications that are related to working on these sites. As we know that the importance of such social media has rapidly increased in the current world scenario and these websites have got a lot of prominence over period of last 4 to 5 years. If we look in the case of IGC, these networking sites can provide a great helping hand in the marketing an event of such a big scale and making it successful in every means.

I would suggest developing a strategy has three major phases:


In the development phase we will devise a well planned strategy according to the required objectives.  As these networking websites are not the only tool that we are going to use for this purpose therefore symmetry in the whole marketing and promotional activities is required to achieve the core objectives of this event.

This phase will include these steps.

1-         Defining the objectives

2-         Deciding the targeted population

3-         Selecting the appropriate websites and blogs

4-         Deciding the budget and the time period of implanting this activity.

5-         Developing the messages that we want to spread among the targeted audiences.


In this phase the most important task will be to purchase the space on the sites and starting the activity. The most successful results that we can achieve from implantation of this strategy will be from the mobilization of the local public. We know that the basic objective of using this micro-blogging websites is to attract the Australian and New Zealand youth to this event that is aged up to 35 years and spend a lot of time on such forums.  Due to the prominence of these micro-blogging networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube among the youth, it is very important to implement this strategy to attract more of the local population. If we implement it accordingly, it will not only result in the successful organization of this even but it will also result in many after-event benefits for the enterprise.


The last phase will be to closely monitor and evaluate the whole activity and make necessary changes timely, if required.

So if this strategy is devised and implemented in proper way, it will not only attract more and more delegates and visitors to this event and but it will also help the organization in building its repute among the masses as international level.

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  1. Nice post, having different stage is great idea to develop you social network strategy it Facilities the work and draw map for you aims and objectives. However, when you marking for the event you consider the verity of participant backgrounds’ and ages in order to determining the suitable tool you want to use .

  2. I like your idea of developing a strategy in three major phases. It may make me know how does the strategy works very clearly.

  3. I agree.. evaluation after implementation is an important step because its enable organisations to:
    1- Learn internally: involved stakeholders are able to learn and improve their social network strategies.
    2- Present externally: the outcome of the improved strategies that will have better overall result.

  4. One of the main reasons for people to attend such big conferences is to network, starting with the social networks earlier on the planning will be a valued marketing strategy.
    For the step #3 I advise to use as many tools as much as the time and effort could afford, because in every tool there are clients waiting 😉

  5. Good post mate…
    You mentioned the strategy in three phases… i think thats a good way of introducing the strategy..


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