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The importance of Enterprise wiki for the 34th IGC congress

October 7, 2011

Last post I talked about particular blogging / micro-blogging strategy and how it’s important for the 34th IGC congress. This post I will be focusing on an enterprise wiki which is a publishing online platform that enables the users to share, edit and update enormous amount of information related to some enterprise or organization.

Knowledge retention and sharing:

If  we want to develop a forum for our organization ,  that can facilitate us with a  huge amount of  integrated knowledge warehouse  and  not only  supports the information storing features  but also helps to  share information at wide scale then we will have to use  an Enterprise Wiki.

This strategy will help this congress and the participating delegates in many ways. Some are the short term benefits and some are long term. If we apply this strategy it will help the organization to collect, organize, and distribute the relevant information among the members and the masses. It will also motivate many people belonging to this sector to share the knowledge as it offers the features many-to-many communication and sharing. It will become our repository for the unexpressed knowledge, which otherwise might not be shared or stored anywhere It will provide us a stage where all the delegates and the congress members can collaboratively exchange information. As such websites also provide the option to insert images or files in the pages; this will make this sharing more successful and interesting. It also makes it easy to mark different pages for referencing purposes by just labeling them with keywords. Another important advantage of using this strategy will be the encouragement that it will provide for the informal learning process for the users visiting from different parts of the world and different background and age groups.


Strategy Implementation tactics:

Before implementing this Enterprise Wiki project, we will have to decide the objectives. All the above mentioned advantages can be the objective of implementing this strategy. Different representatives from the organization will be involved in the decision making process and most important of it will the IT and marketing related people. Its goal will be to provide a virtual place where members of the organization can generate, change, or remove content that might include content that is provided by the other contributors. We will use this forum to enable our members and the delegates to employees to contribute content to the Wiki pages about the geographic sciences and the ongoing event. There are many technical aspects like where it will be hosted, what will be the allowed number of users, what will be the requirements for the contributors, how the access to the Enterprise Wiki will be controlled and how the control over content will be implemented etc.

After all these decision making, we will have to market this forum and spread the word about our wiki. We can start by e-mailing about this to our fellow employees, members, delegates members, and friends. It might take some time to establish but it will defiantly grow and will result as great source of knowledge and experience sharing for a very long time.

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  1. michaelfludder permalink

    Hi good post – you’ve explained the use of wikis very well.

    A difficult task for the IGC will be end user adoption.

    See our collaboration facebook page for IGC tips or ask questions


  2. Great post Muath, Knowledge retention and sharing this really good strategy as it improves the communication the benefits of implementing this strategy will benefits both organisations and individuals as well

    Thanks Muath

  3. Yasser permalink

    Good work Mauth, editing and adding information by users is a great chance to exchange and update knowledge and facts.

  4. Raed Almansor permalink

    Very good post Muath for this new era of the explosion of the open information enviroment.

  5. Good work…+ nice post… 😉

    You explained WIki well…


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