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IGC’s Social Media Strategy “Micro-blogging”

September 30, 2011

What is IGC?

The International Geological Congress (IGC) is one of the most important global event related to the Earth Sciences.  It is held once every four years and usually attracts 5000 delegates from over 100 countries. The 34th IGC is being hosted by the Australian Geoscience Council (AGC). The AGC is the peak representative body for geoscientists in Australia. It will be an assembly of geoscientists and common public to discuss and exchange different topics and researches in the field. This forum will not only provide the opportunity to examine the geological problems and the recent developments in this filed but it will also help to attract more young people to consider careers in the geosciences.

Importance of using Social Media to promote this event:

Marketing an event of such a big scale requires a very tactfully developed plan and its implementation. Along with other promotional tools and tactics it is very important to focus on the Social Media to promote this event especially targeting the youth to attract to it.  The micro-blogging networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have gained a very prominent importance in the lives of young people around the globe and the Australian youth is no exception. Therefore it can be a very fruitful and approach to utilize these social networks to market this event. This strategy has many advantages. The most important advantage of it that it is a more targeted and inexpensive approach if we compare it with the main stream Medias like TV Channels or Newspapers. Another important benefit of adopting this strategy is that the  real time results can be measured, tested and observed through different tools and methods like pay per click, pay per impression, pay per play, and pay per action that are available on these micro blogging websites.

Tactics for the Strategy:

This strategy majorly involves the following tactics:

  • Defining the objectives

This first and the foremost step is to define the objectives of this strategy.

Our major objectives should be to attract a large numbers of international and local delegates to attend this event; especially the young geoscientists as they are the prime users of such networks. Another important objective is to create awareness among the common public especially the young part of the society and spread as much information about the congress as possible, regarding this event, among these potential delegates, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Selecting the Targeted Audience

The IGC is a multi‐disciplinary global event regarding the Earth Sciences but through this strategy mostly the young people will be targeted as these websites are mostly populated with people under the age of 35.

  • Selecting the appropriate Micro blogging Websites

Mostly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are selected for this as they have the maximum number of users and visitors.

  • Developing attractive and informative messages

Developing attractive and informative messages is a very crucial and important part as the impact of whole campaign will depends on these words and visuals.

  • Budgeting for this Purpose

It will be determined by tactics approved, and by availability of funds, commitment of administration.  A reasonable budgeting is required for this purpose and it will depend on the time period for which we want to display our messages.

  • Purchasing Space on the sites and executing the plan

The plan will be executed within the already defined parameters.

  • Evaluating and measuring the results.

In the end the whole activity performed on these websites will be evaluated.

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  1. Nice post.. I liked the tactics for the strategy. I think you all ready create a good plan for IGC to start and employ this strategy.

  2. Hi Muath, I think this strategy is great and you provided the steps or the “tactics” to make the strategy works successfully. I believe that micro-blogging is suited for the likes of Twitter, because it only allows you to write 140 character only, it keeps updated and they can use hashtags where accessing and searching for somethings cannot be easier using hashtags.

    Great post Muath, and keep up the good work mate!

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