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Social Media, a big concern to most organizations!!

September 1, 2011

In this week’s post, I will be talking about potential risks that organizations may face as a result of their participation in Social Media. This post will be focusing on the largest and the most leading company in the world in coffeehouse field, it is Starbucks.

Starbucks is a global coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle. Starbucks can be found in almost all over the world. The main services they have is coffee, however, they have various types of drinks and food including cold drinks, sandwiches, coffee beans, mugs, salads and others. Starting from this year (2011), they redesigned the company’s logo to be like the below picture:


Starbucks Company has been using many Social Media tools as a way to communicating with its customers. Fan page on Facebook has nearly 5.4 million fans,YouTube channel has more  than 11.100 subscribers and hundreds of videos and more than 1.5 million people are following Starbucks on Twitter. As a result, there must be many risks associated with Starbucks regarding Social Media.

Reputation Risk: Starbucks’s employees involve in these Social Media so they my tweet inappropriate content or post a video on YouTube like the one with Domino’s. This can significantly damage the hard earned brand, in a very short time. Thus, Starbucks must have implemented several safeguards against the unwanted conduct of its employees, contractors and third parties on such as monitoring employees’ use of Social Media Sites whilst at work, engaging a social media reputation monitoring service and preparing a Crisis Management Plan to deal with a social media crisis.[1]

Confidential Information Risk: Since the employees have access to Social Media confidential information may be exposed in somehow and as a result, it can be very harmful to the company. It may happens in different ways such as leaking information by an employee, release too much information on Twitter or Facebook and important information may be transferred by a former employee.

To conclude this post, Social Media is a remarkable way for organizations to communicate, share knowledge and get involved with their customers; however, strict policies must be applied to control the use of it.


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  1. Julie permalink

    starbucks is my best love. your blog is very good and i agree your opinion.

  2. I didn’t know that Starbucks did have a page in Facebook (not anymore).

    I agree with you Muath, the social media it did and changed a lot in the world, and there are a high number of companies who getting ROI from the social media sites.

    I really liked your blog it was really great, keep up the good work.
    Feel free to come and read my blogs I would love to get your opinion or any advice you might add.

    Ryan ALHARBI

  3. well adapting new application or technology always has its concerns specially to the executives of the companies. In your post you have identify serious risks associated with Starbucks regarding Social Media.
    well said Muath

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