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How to create an incredible blog?

August 10, 2011

  • Successful blogging

After a research about blogs and how a person makes his/her blog flooded with visitors and comments. There are many aspects that can make you a successful blogger. First of all, it is important to be real which means knowing yourself and your audiences. Some bloggers just blog about everything without identifying who they are as bloggers, what they will be blogging about, and who their audiences will be, so they quickly burn out. Secondly, writing often and updating on your blog is the most important aspect for success. The reason behind that is readers love to read new and fresh content. Also your blog will get searched regularly as long as you keep updating the content. In addition, as MacDonald said “Links are called the “currency of the blogosphere”. Bloggers usually link either because they are interested in a particular subject or they respect the blogger to whom they are linking. Another aspect, that leaving comments on other blogs is very important at the business or personal level. By commenting on others’ posts, the traffic on your blog will increase. The last aspect is the meaning of titles as good titles mean search engines find you and send you more traffic.

  • My blogging strategy

My strategy is to be active, fresh, and updated. Meaning that I will post and comment on others frequently, and keep my blog updated which in turn will attract others to visit it and comment on my posts. Also I would like to exchange information with others and increase my knowledge in Enterprise 2.0


  • Purpose of this blog

Due to the lack of blogging experience that I have, I encouraged myself to take this opportunity and be a part of this community and be an excellent blogger. My purpose of creating this blog is to post an interesting topics, ideas, and thoughts. Also to comment on others’ posts as well as they participate by writing comments and ideas on my blog.


  • Example of an excellent blog

I think Sri Prakash is an excellent blogger for the following reasons:

–          Very good layout.

–          The blog has many categories related to Technology.

–          It has a category about New Technology which means he is up-to-date.

–          He is using visual aids such as pictures, tables and videos.


From → Enterprise 2.0

  1. nice tips. i will apply them in my blog

  2. Great work for a first blog post! 🙂 i really like the video and I think you have a pretty good idea on successful blogging.

  3. Nice post, I really enjoy watching the video 🙂

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